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How do I pay my fine?


You can pay your fine by:

  • sending a cheque or money order with the court reference number/s or your full name to the address recorded on the Notice of Court Case (CAYPINS); or
  • attending any Victorian court venue and paying by cheque, money order, credit/Eftpos or cash.

The court is not able to accept payment over the phone.  

Criminal case

A fine can be imposed as an outcome in a criminal case.

If you need time to pay or wish to set up a payment plan, speak to a registrar at the court where your matter was listed or your nearest court venue.


Infringement Notice

A fine can also be issued by way of an infringement notice. Infringement notices are issued by a number of agencies e.g. Department of Transport, Victoria Police.

If you want to pay your fine before the due date you should follow the payment instructions on the notice.  Payment should be made to Civic Compliance Victoria.

If you do not pay your fine by the due date, the matter will be referred to the Children's Court. 

Up until the matter being registered with the court, the court is unable to accept payment.  There will be a short period between the matter being transferred from Civic Compliance Victoria and being registered with the court when payment cannot be made.

Once the matter has been registered with the court, you will be sent a Notice of Court Case (CAYPINS).  Payment can then be made to the court.