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Judicial Officers

Judicial officers, such as magistrates and judges can make decisions and directions about the law. They hear cases in the criminal and family divisions of the Children's Court.


The Children’s Court is led by President Judge Jack Vandersteen, who is a judge of the County Court.

Melbourne, Broadmeadows and Moorabbin Children’s Court venues


Ms Jacqueline Billings

Ms Jennifer Bowles

Mr Darrin Cain

Mr Peter Dotchin

Ms Michelle Ehrlich

Ms Lesley Fleming

Ms Jane Gibson

Ms Annabel Hawkins

Ms Gail Hubble

Mr Randall Kune

Ms Elizabeth Langdon (appointed 11 February 2020)

Ms Kay Macpherson

Mr Shiva Pillai

Ms Kim Parkinson

Ms Kristen Rose (appointed 18 February 2020)

Ms Sharon Smith

Ms Melissa Stead

Mr Francis Zemljak

Reserve Magistrates

Margaret Harding

Mr Gregory Levine

Ms Cathy Lamble

Other metropolitan courts

Magistrates in other metropolitan courts also sit as Children’s Court magistrates in those regions on nominated days and as required.

Regional areas

Magistrates in country areas sit as Children’s Court magistrates in both divisions on nominated days and as required.