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Youth Diversion Pilot Program

The Children's Court of Victoria has funding to establish a Youth Diversion Pilot Program to commence in 2015.  The pilot will operate for a period of 12 months and will be evaluated.

The Court is seeking suitably qualified and experienced organisations to develop and deliver a court-referred, community-based diversion program for young offenders.  The program should:

  • offer diversion options when young people appear in the Criminal Division of the Children's Court for the first time;
  • provide an opportunity for early intervention and support;
  • prevent young people having unnecessary further contact with the criminal justice system; and
  • provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to diverting young people from the mainstream criminal justice system.

The Youth Diversion Pilot Program will operate at a number of yet to be decided metropolitan and regional sites.


Information and documentation on tendering for the pilot program is available on the Victorian Government Tenders website.