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Court Divisions and Programs

The Children’s Court of Victoria is a specialist court with two divisions dealing with cases involving children and young people.

The Family Division hears:

  • applications relating to the protection and care of children and young persons at risk, and
  • applications for intervention orders

The Criminal Division hears:

  • matters relating to criminal offending by children and young persons

The Children's Koori Court (Criminal Division) hears:

  • matters relating to criminal offending by Koori children and young persons, other than sexual offences.

More information?

For more information, see the Children's Court of Victoria Statement of Priorities for 2019-2021.

Family Court of Australia

The Family Division of the Children’s Court of Victoria is sometimes confused with the Family Court of Australia. The Family Court is a Federal court and operates under Australian government law.  The Family Court has responsibilities which include the dissolution of marriage (divorce) and associated matters such as child residence and contact arrangements, maintenance and property issues.