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Criminal Division

The Criminal Division hears matters relating to criminal offending by children and young persons.

Ground floor of Melbourne Children's Court


A fine can be imposed by a court or by the issue of an infringement notice.

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Criminal cases

These pages contain information on hearing types and court processes in criminal cases.

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Koori Court

The Children's Koori Court deals with young Koori people who have been found guilty of committing a criminal offence.

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Group Conferencing

The program aims to divert young people from further or more serious offending. It brings together those involved or affected by an offence in an aim to strengthen support structures around the young person and identify ways the young person can make amends for harm done as a result of their offending.

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Youth Diversion Service

The program operates to divert young people away from the criminal justice system where possible and appropriate, encouraging the young person to accept responsibility for their unlawful behaviour, putting in place activities for the young person to address the harm caused and assisting with their rehabilitation.

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Education Justice Initiative

The Education Justice Initiative works to connect young people with supported education or training pathways in order to improve their educational engagement and outcomes and reduce offending.

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