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Infringements and Fines

A fine can be imposed by a court or by the issue of an infringement notice.

Fine imposed in a criminal case

You can get a fine as part of a sentence in a criminal case.  This type of fine can be paid:

  • by sending a cheque or money order to the address recorded on the court order; or
  • by attending any Victorian court venue and paying by cheque, money order, credit/Eftpos or cash.
Fine imposed by an infringement notice 

You can also get a fine by being issued with an infringement notice.  Fines issued to young people by an infringement notice can be dealt with in the Children's Court by the CAYPINS process. 

What is CAYPINS?

CAYPINS stands for "Children and Young Persons Infringement Notice System".

You can be given an infringement notice for offences like:

  • failing to produce a valid ticket on public transport
  • failing to wear a bicycle helmet
  • unlicensed driving.

An infringement notice tells you what fine you have to pay.

CAYPINS is a method of enforcing these infringement notices in the Children’s Court when the fine is not paid in the first instance.

How does CAYPINS work?

Registration of an infringement notice with the Children’s Court occurs when you have not taken the appropriate action after receiving an infringement notice and reminder notice.

Enforcement agencies that register these infringement notices include Victoria Police and the Department of Transport.

When an enforcement agency registers an infringement notice with the Children’s Court a "Notice of Court Case (CAYPINS)" is produced and sent to you.  This document sets out the time, place and date that a registrar’s hearing is to take place. Further information is also provided to help you decide what to do. However, if you have any questions or need more information call the CAYPINS team at Melbourne Children's Court on (03) 8638 3300.

What are my options?
  1.  Pay the fine before the date shown on your "Notice of Court Case (CAYPINS)"
    • The penalty can be paid at any venue of the Children’s Court either by mail or in person.
    • If full payment is received, the matter is finalised and no attendance is required at court.

2.   Apply for further time to pay

    • Apply in writing to the address provided on your "Notice of Court Case (CAYPINS)".
    • Attend the Children’s Court at the address shown on your "Notice of Court Case (CAYPINS)"; or
    • Call the CAYPINS team at Melbourne Children's Court on (03) 8638 3300.

3.   Apply for an order that the amount owing be reduced

    • If you wish to apply for the amount owing to be reduced you are advised to attend the registrar’s hearing.
    • A copy of the "Application to Cancel or Reduce Your Fine (Statement of Financial and Personal Circumstances)" form must be completed prior to the hearing.  Forms are available via the right hand menu on this page.  Copies of the form are also available at court.  If required, help to complete the form will be available on the day of your hearing.
    • If you are unable to attend court, please send the completed form to the address of the Children’s Court shown on the notice prior to the hearing date.  You will be advised of the outcome by letter. 
    • Legal advice from Victoria Legal Aid will be available at court on the day of registrar's hearing.

4.   Request the registrar’s hearing be adjourned to a later date

    • You can ask for the hearing to be put off to another day by calling the CAYPINS team at Melbourne Children's Court on (03) 8638 3300.

5.   Request the matter be heard by a magistrate

    • You can choose not to be dealt with by a registrar and instead go before a magistrate in the Children’s Court. If you want to go before a magistrate please call the CAYPINS team at Melbourne Children's Court on (03) 8638 3300.
What can I do if I disagree with the registrar’s order?
    • If the registrar made an order that you pay all or part of the fine and you disagree with their decision, you can have another hearing of the case before a magistrate.
      If you want another hearing before a magistrate, you must complete and provide an "Application for review of registrar’s order" to the court within 28 days of the registrar’s order. You will then be advised of the date you need to attend the Children’s Court.
      Forms are available via the right hand menu on this page.
What if I do nothing after receiving the “Notice of Court Case (CAYPINS)”?
    • If you do nothing, the registrar will deal with your case on the date shown on the notice. The registrar may order that you pay the fine and agency costs. A notice will be sent to you telling you what order was made.
    • If you don’t pay the fine and costs by the due date shown in the notice your case will be listed before a magistrate. This is called an enforcement hearing. The magistrate’s options include issuing a warrant to seize your property.
More information?

If you have any questions or need more information, call the CAYPINS team at Melbourne Children's Court on (03) 8638 3300.