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Family Division applications

Issuing Applications

Protection applications, care by Secretary applications, long-term care applications and permanent care applications are issued by Child Protection staff from the Department of Health & Human Services. A variety of orders may be made by the Children’s Court in response to these applications.

The court may later consider varying the conditions of an order or revoking an order upon the application of any of the parties involved.

To apply to vary the conditions of an order or to revoke an order, a party must complete and present the application to the appropriate Children’s Court venue for it to be issued by a registrar.

Once issued, copies of the application must be provided to the other parties involved in the case.

The original issued application together with affidavits of service must be provided to the court prior to the hearing date nominated on the application.

Child Protection staff may make an application for the extension of certain orders.

It is recommended that legal advice be obtained prior to issuing applications to vary or revoke orders.

Further advice regarding issuing an application may be obtained from court staff at any Children’s Court venue which deals with Family Division cases.