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Chapter 4: Family - General

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This chapter commences with outlines of the functions of the Child Protection Service and the role of the Children’s Court in Child Protection in Victoria. There follows a discussion of the jurisdiction of the Family Division and the definitions of ‘child’, ‘parent’, ‘parental responsibility’ ‘contact’ and ‘protective intervention reports’. The conduct of Family Division proceedings – including the Marram-Ngala Ganbu Pilot Program, the Family Drug Treatment Court and the ways in which children can be legally represented – is then discussed as are the Court’s alternative dispute resolution mechanisms: conciliation conferences and judicial resolution conferences.

The chapter continues with a discussion of:

  • the comparison between the Children’s Court and the Family Court;
  • the relationship between attachment and a child’s emotional wellbeing;
  • shared care of a young child;
  • frequency of contact between a young child and a parent;
  • the concept of cumulative harm; and
  • the effect on a child of separation from the child’s primary attachment figure.
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Author: former Magistrate Peter Power
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Australia
Publisher: Children's Court of Victoria
Date of Publication: 3 February 2023
Number of Pages: 122
Copyright: State of Victoria, 2021